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BARRICADE was always a cruel, manipulative monster. Under the influence of MEGATRON, he has become a sophisticated liar and talented infiltrator. Despite his brutal nature, he has the ability to deceive others into trusting him just long enough to make the ultimate betrayal serve his purposes perfectly. He enjoys the utter destruction of faith so crippling to many beings that they never again believe in the honesty of another. On every world he has visited, he has learned the most effective way to crush the spirit of the local creatures, and left an impressive collection of annihilated dreams in his wake.

Eager and friendly, BUMBLEBEE nevertheless developed a solitary nature after the injury that left him mostly mute. It is a welcome surprise to discover on meeting Sam that he can actually communicate with humans through their music. Of course, now that he’s made friends on Earth, he’s got to fight to keep them alive long enough to actually enjoy the friendship. If the DECEPTICONS want to harm the humans under his protection, they’ll have to go through him – and his plasma cannon – first!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


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silent hill : homecoming

Silent Hill: Homecoming (Also known as Silent Hill 5 or Silent Hill V) is the 6th instalment of the famous horror series, Silent Hill. Silent Hill: Homecoming follows the story of a soldier returning home from war, Alex Shepherd. The story follows Alex’s search for his brother through his hometown of Shepherd’s Glenn, which on Alex’s return home after being discharged from the Armed Forces, is now a hellish nightmare filled with strange disappearances and, of course, monsters.

There has been a lot of scepticism about Silent Hill: Homecoming’s development, as it hasn’t been made by series developer Team Silent in house at Konami, but instead by American developer Double Helix, part of a merge with Shiny Entertainment & The Collective (Marc Eco’s Getting Up, Star Wars Episode III). Looking at their past games library, and the fact that they aren’t Japanese like the original developers, it’s easy to see why lots of fans have been sceptical and generally against the idea of a full console Silent Hill being developed by them.